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Development Process
Overall Development Process

The development process is a sequence of steps beginning with zoning and ending with vertical construction. To help clarify Pflugerville's process and timeline, please refer to the Development Process Flow Chart and quick facts provided below. In order to ensure a smooth development experience, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a Pre-Application Conference (PAC) with staff before submitting any applications.
Zoning Process: 
  • Establishes land use based on Comprehensive Plan
  • 90 day review
  • $1000 for land greater than 5 acres, $500 for less than 5 acres (+ $15 Technology Fee)
  • Public hearings with City Council final approval

Subdivision Process:

1. Preliminary Plan:

  • Establishes preliminary design of subdivision including lot layout, streets, utilities, drainage, phasing, etc.
  • 21 day review cycle, 45-60 days depending on submittal
  • $30/lot, minimum $1000 (+ $15 Technology Fee)
  • Planning and Zoning Commission approval

2. Final Plat/Replat/Minor Plat:

  • Establishes right of way, lot layout, easements, etc.
  • 30-60 days depending on submittal
  • $15/lot, minimum $500 (+ $15 Technology Fee)
  • Final Plat requires Planning and Zoning Commission approval
  • Replat requires a public hearing and Planning and Zoning Commission approval (concurrent)
  • Minor Plat (administratively approved) allowed if:
    • No more than 4 lots are proposed
    • All lots front onto a public street
    • Extension of utilities is not required
    • A TIA is not required

3. Construction Plan: 

  • Engineered plans identifying the public utility extensions to the proposed site
  • 30 day review cycles, 60 day review depending on submittal
  • 3.5% cost of public improvements (+ $15 Technology Fee)
  • Administratively approved

4. Public Improvement Construction/Acceptance or Fiscal Security:

  • Once construction plans are approved, developer constructs public infrastructure and receives acceptance by the City for the improvements
  • Timing for construction depends on the developer
  • Posting fiscal security in an amount equal to 110% of the cost of the public improvements allows an applicant to move forward with a final plat prior to constructing and having public improvements accepted

Site Development Process:

  • Establishes proposed site layout, drainage, architectural elevations, landscaping, site lighting, etc.
  • Requires a platted lot
  • 15 business day review cycle, ~60-90 days depending on submittal
  • $.06/sq. ft. impervious cover (+ $15 Technology Fee)
  • Administratively approved

Building Permit Process:

  • Vertical construction of development
  • Requires a platted lot and site development permit
  • 10 day review cycle
  • Fee based on building type (plus technology fee)
  • Administratively approved